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  • A set of wine

    A set of wine

    Art NbV-19(1)-A
  • Hunting knife

    Hunting knife

    Art NOh-138(1)-B
  • Checker Presidential Regiment

    Checker Presidential Regiment

    Art Sb-148(1)-R
  • Battle Axe

    Battle Axe

    Art TpB-105(1)-T

Благодарности и грамоты

Новинки нашей мастерской

Artistic workshop masters of 'Practice'

The workshop of decorated arms “Practice” was founded in 1991.

The best highly-qualified personnel – blacksmiths and artists – came to the newly-organized workshop. The best artists came to the workshop from the famous Zlatoust factory, which had gone into liquidation in the end of 1980s. The fathers of the workshop are: Bersenev G.M. (printmaker, a veteran of his job, a honored artist of the Russian Federation), Averkin O.V. (G.M. Bersenev’s pupil), Shalanov A.G., Tychkin V. (printmaker, designer).

The highly-qualified masters also came from the General Engineering Ministry Enterprise (which is now Missile Establishment – Design-engineering Department named after V.P. Makeev) and from Zlatoust Mechanical Engineering Plant.

The permanent director of the workshop is V.A. Naumov, an honored worker of culture.

The core (but not the only) product of the workshop is decorated cold steel arms. The company also produces such items as canes, inkstands, Eucharistic sets, cabinet knives, dishes, trays, goblets, sets of wine and cognac glasses etc.

Each item is unique, produced in strict conformity with the author’s conception and the customer’s request.

In their work our masters use a highest-quality steel, with improved characteristics of durability and hardness, at the same time it has high plasticity and ductility.

“Practice” is the first workshop to use self-produced Damascus steel in the process of making of cold steel arms.

Elements of decorated weapons are made of such materials as: brass, bronze, rare species of wood, mammoth bone, stag horn, genuineleather, stones. In making of luxury items we use precious and semiprecious stones, gold and sterling silver.

In the opinion of specialists, masters of “Practice” revive the traditions of decorated arms making, particularly of discharging and gold plating, which were established in the 19th century. The artists decorate weapons with superfine semiabstract ornaments and miniatures with battle scenes. Compared with the works of modern artists, the art of “Practice” masters can be called “classical”.

The works of “Practice” are highly estimated. Since 1997 the workshop is one of the “Patriarchal Workshops”. The certificate (about the initiation to “Patriarchal Workshops”) was presented to the director of “Practice” by the Patriarch Alexis the Second. The customers of “Practice” are the army and navy, major governmental organizations, big banks and companies, Russia’s leading museums, collectors, heads of some European, Asian and African countries.

Here are some of the most important events in the workshop’s history:

  • Arming of Presidential Regiment with shashkas (cavalry swords);
  • Arming of Honorary Cavalry Escort:
  • Making of shashkas for the guards of the Kazakhstani Ministry of Defense;
  • Award weapons (both cold steel and fire arms) for theFederal Guard Service of the Russian Federation;
  • Cold steel award weapons for the Federal Security Department;
  • Decorative elements for the President’s plane;
  • Award weapons for such departments as Ministry of communication lines, Ministry of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Relief, Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • Dirks devoted to cosmonauts (the first of them, named after J. Gagarin, is being exhibited in the Kremlin’s Armoury;
  • Presidential gifts to the Armoury.

Since 2008 “Practice” is an Established supplier of the Kremlin.

On the account of “Practice” there are several production programs:

  • Making of dirks for jubilees: navy dirks on the 300th anniversary of Russian Navy, 100th anniversary of the Submarine forces, 850th anniversary of Moscow, 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg;
  • Production program of collector’s dirks devoted to the famous small-arms designer M.T. Kalashnikov and weapons which had been developed by him (AK-47, AK-74, AKS-74U, RPK and PK).

Items made by the masters of “Practice” are kept and exhibited in the most famous museums of the country:

  • The StateHistoricalMuseum;
  • The Kremlin’s Armory;
  • Navy museum;
  • Museums of Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Saratov, Zlatoust.

We should also mention the heads of countries, who have weapons made by the masters of “Practice” in their collections: Queen Elisabeth the Second and King of Jordan.